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Financial Planning +

Vision + Complete Picture + Understanding

Our Financial Planning process begins with listening. We discuss the most important goals, dreams, and aspirations you want to accomplish. We also understand your team and what professionals are currently contributing to the planning process. Many of our clients currently play the head coach with their finances . They coordinate with CPA’s, attorneys, insurance agents, online retirement planning portals, etc. Our goal is to put you in the owner’s box – let us be the head coach and manage the team.

Independent + Transparent

We communicate with clarity, honesty, and integrity – with ourselves and our clients. We are Fiduciaries and Fee-based – which means we are always working for your interests, not ours.

Long-Term + Disciplined

Our Investment Management strategies build wealth. We believe that markets tend to work over time but many investors fail to capture these returns due to a lack of discipline and emotion. Rather than attempting to time markets, we build long-term investment portfolios that have the chance to be successful in a variety of potential environments.

Future + Academics

We work with our clients to develop a strategic savings plan for their Kids Education. We use E-Money - industry leading software to help develop an education plan and coach you on the implementation. Whether you want your children to attend an in-state school or an Ivy League University, it all starts with a plan. Clarity = Power.

Tax-Sensitive + Cost-Conscious

We aim to Minimize your Tax Liability. We frequently coordinate with our client’s Certified Public Accountant to ensure we are taking steps to lower your tax liability today, as well as when you hit your golden years. This is another reason we use E-Money – to model our client’s tax liability in retirement, so you are less likely to have surprises when you reach this amazing milestone.

Intelligent + Common Sense

The economy and financial markets are rarely static, nor is your life which is why we work with local attorneys to help our clients build Estate Plans. Having the right estate plan may save your family a significant amount of time/money and will ensure your wishes are achieved.

Customized + Reflecting Your Needs + Values

Whether you are five years from retirement or twenty – we build plans for your unique circumstances and values. Whether that is a traditional investment approach or a desire for something outside the box, we can customize your experience for any stage of your life.

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Speak with Dan Laure, CFP®, MBA, RICP®, who has extensive experience in working through complex retirement and tax planning issues.

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