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A Positive Force
in Finance

Transparent + Straightforward + Authentic

That is the difference you get with my team.

Dan Laure of Visionary Wealth Advisors is a fee-based Wealth Management Advisor committed to uplifting individuals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and families to create and manage wealth.

We accomplish this by uncovering your most important goals, dreams, and aspirations. From there, we develop a comprehensive financial plan hand crafted for your unique situation.

We work to give you your own game plan that involves building your own play book.

Daniel Laure, CFP®, MBA, RICP®

Daniel Laure, CFP®, MBA, RICP®

As your financial coach and partner, my team and I are on a mission to be a positive, guiding influence in people’s lives. When it comes to wealth management, my experience not only as a CFP but also professional athlete and coach help guide me in the ability to do more than invest your money. It empowers us to team together and find clarity when building your comprehensive financial plan. I enjoy being a part of responsible, caring families that want to do more than survive when it comes to their finances, they want to thrive.

Whether you are a corporate executive or an aspiring young family, my 10+ years of experience along with your aspirations and goals make the perfect combination that will lead to your financial success.

Clarity = Power

I always stress to my clients, with clarity comes power. Our team will work diligently and help you uncover your deepest dreams and desires. Whether it is financial independence, establishing a legacy for your family, or becoming more conscious of your investments, we are looking forward to developing a relationship with you that goes beyond your wealth.

Free Portfolio Risk Analysis

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Are You on Track?

When it comes to your money and more importantly – your life – are you on track to accomplish your goals? Whether this includes investing your assets or protecting your family, helping my clients achieve their dreams is the most gratifying part of my calling as a wealth management advisor.  

Why Visionary

As a Visionary, I’m proud to be a part of a culture that is focused on helping you achieve a future greater than your past. This starts by identifying your "why". What is important to YOU? What do YOU hope to achieve? What kind of life do YOU want to live? Then we work together to build a plan to help you achieve it.

Active + Management + More Than Your Money

As your wealth management advisor, I go beyond dropping your money into an investment account. My goal as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ is to help your family plan for their future. That is why my team utilizes eMoney, a comprehensive planning software that helps you to plan for today, tomorrow and the next fifty years.  

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Work Hard + No Little Things

The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. This has been a guiding principal in Dan’s life, along with the notion there are no little things. Small changes compound to become big milestones over time. Whether as a decorated volleyball player and coach trying to win games or as a Wealth Management Advisor helping his clients plan their future, Dan pays attention to the small details because that makes ALL the difference over time.

Edge Beach Volleyball Club

Dan and his wife Colleen founded Edge Beach Volleyball Club in 2018. It was born out of their passion for the game of beach volleyball. With over 20 combined years of coaching experience, they have a wealth of skill and knowledge to share with the young, talented athletes in the area. Volleyball has blessed & shaped their lives in so many ways. They love that can create opportunities for players that can bless them for years to come.

Edge Beach Volleyball Club

Christan Businessmen Connection

Dan has been active in Operation Timothy, which is a part of the Christian Business Men's Connection. CBMC aligns with Dan’s mission to be a positive guiding influence in people’s lives. The Organization is a global men's ministry, founded during the Great Depression, that equips business and professional men to lead well, impact their communities and engage The Great Commission. Today, men are experiencing authentic relationships that result in Christ-led businesses and Christ-centered families.


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